RHS Summer School Bus Information

May 24, 2021

RHS Summer School Bus Information

For those students who have signed up for bus transportation to RHS this summer for summer school, the bus will PICK UP and DROP OFF students at one of three satellite locations.  These locations are Burt Elementary, Carmel Elementary, and St. Bethlehem Elementary.  The following are the pick up and drop off times for each location, along with the bus number:

Rossview High Satellite Stops

Bus #

Satellite Stop Location P/U Time D/O Time
14-08 Carmel Elementary 7:13 AM

1:52 PM


Burt Elementary 7:02 AM

2:02 PM

20-17 St. Bethlehem Elementary 7:18 AM

1:59 PM


If you have any additional questions, please email Mr. Lambert, the RHS summer school administrator at [email protected].